BMI 2023 Conference Agenda

TimeSession DescriptionHostPanelistsLocation
8:00AM - 8:45AMRegistration/Continental Breakfast1st Floor Hallway- Students 308- Panelist
8:45AM - 9:00AM WelcomeLongwood Hall
It's Okay, Not to be Okay-

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Needing help is normal. Reaching out for help is healthy.
MullenCafe (40)
Ideas to a Profit

This session covers the biggest mistakes young entrepreneurs make that could ultimately waste their time and plunge their business into failure before starting.

It covers (3) classic mistakes and dispels very common myths:

(1) "Creating your MVP."
(2) Avoiding the "Sea of Sameness,"
(3) "No Logo Required."
Cecil Bond, Leland NelsonGarage (50)
Street Smarts

Pitfalls teenagers and young adults routinely face in their daily lives and the consequences they might face as adults because of uninformed decisions.
RobinsonReggie Laster, James OvertonRm 309 (100)

Managing the challenges of being an athlete and preparing for Professional sports or discovering a Sports Related Career Fields​
Kyle AdamsPhil Morgan, Darell Jones, Mark StillRm 113 (300)
Art of Communication

The importance of developing sound communication skills for leadership development and career advancement
Terry BankstonSonel Shropshire, Kevin PerryRm 217 (50)
Chaperons Session

This session can be geared toward administrators and parents. Session participants can learn about DSU's admission requirements, program offerings and so much more
Dean CassonKareem McLemore, Charles FowlerRm 310 (40)
10:10AM - 11:00AM
Monetizing Social Media

Highlights how social media allows for more exposure to their talents and messages. Social media has a wide audiance therefore creating and allowing access to opportunities which could convert to life changing income, influence and relationships.
Ken BriscoeGarage (50)
Stress Management

Participants will be encouraged to explore and share their own coping strategies both positive and negative. Participants will examine the effectiveness of these strategies and be introduced to additional and/or alternative coping strategies.
Wade JonesJames McClain, Zachary RogersRm 217 (50)
Where the Money Resides: Financing Your College Education.

School is affordable even if you think you can’t - How to pay for school? Scholarships and money for all.
Al Dorsett, LaShawne PryorRm 310 (40)
Paper to Paper- Education attainment will increase your value.RobinsonMullen, Kelvin Lacern, Devon MorrisonRm 309 (100)
Personal Brand: Development for Career Succes

Giving students instructions and guidance around starting to build a personal brand to attact schools, employers and opportunites they desire.
Usman TijaniThomas Berry, Meeshach StennettRm 113 (300)
Relationship Building:

Participants will examine the characteristics of healthy relationships with male and female colleagues. Participants will consider how to maintain balance between academic studies, intimate relationships, social relationships, recreation and self-reflection time.
Archie PayneJason Nunley, Chris Gunter, Corwin Wyatt, Gregory LylesCafe (40)
Stregthing your Argument

How to offer supportive, relevant, effective evidence in a respectable and ethical manner.
Ordner Taylor, Kimeu Boynton, Merril HollowayRm 217 (50)
Emotional Intelligence

Achieving Black Excellence: It begins with mental strength and what you think. ​
Travis Sudler, Delano Hunter?Cafe (40)
Education PEER presures:

Positive & Negative Influences-Participants examine the detriments of negative direct and indirect peer pressure as they strive to negotiate their own identities in a race based society. Participants will explore the phenomena of “dumbing down” oneself and forgoing intellectual pursuits in order to fit in.
William Jones, Martin NunleeGarage (50)
EsportsMalcolm Coney, Newdy FeltonRm 113 (300)
You are the CEO of you!

The importance of having a board of directors for your life.
Peter KamanuGerald Rocha, Harold StaffordRm 310 (40)
Financal Literacy

Power of money
Julian GrayGreg Coverdale, Carlos Ward,Rm 309 (100)
12:00PM - 1:00PM Keynote LuncheonMeeshach StennettMontell JordanMLK Parlors A,B,C
1:15PM - 2:00PM
Panel Discussion
Career Explorations
Vaughn Bond
Director of Public Safety New Castle County

Cecil Bond - Owner of Great Valley Pools.

Leroy Tice - Attorney and DSU Board of Trustee President
MLK Parlors A,B,C
Male Organizations
David HawkinsRepresentatives from: MOCA, GoodBrothers, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., ad others.